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Rosie Jones
Many of you have dated a Rosie for awhile, but not this one unfortunately, and not O'Donnell I hope. This particular Rosie has a last name of Jones, is from England, and is 19. I pray that some of these pictures are not from a few years ago.

We're dealing with a Leighton Meester/Keeley Hazell mix here. An elite mix to say the least, as it contains one of my personal favorites in Leighton with the 2009 Hot Ladies Tournament champion in Keeley. Rosie has the Leighton Meester face and thigh, the Keeley Hazell knockers, and like Keeley, is THE next British bombshell.

Rosie began her modeling career last year for The Sun's Page 3 and also models for the very popular British magazine Nuts. Basically the exact same way Keeley got going, except Keeley's been a model for the magazine Zoo, Nuts' biggest rival.

Oh, and these are about all of the SFW(suitable for work) pictures of Rosie that are out there right now. If you want a clearer view of what Rosie's body is all about, a simple Google image search will let you know much more.

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