This Is When 'Entourage' Was Good... | Sharapova's Thigh

I still watch Entourage, but I only find myself actually enjoying about one of every four episodes.The plot is so predictable that even Tila Tequila can figure out what's going to happen.

They keep bringing this Sam Cassell/Gremlin/starving 15-year-old girl back in Ashley, and we end up seeing her more than incredibly beautiful ladies that are on the show, like Emmanuelle Chriqui and Autumn Reeser. Even worse, "E" continues to choose Ashley over Emmanuelle Chriqui(sorry for the spoiler for those of you that haven't watched much in awhile, you're not missing anything). Very believable. This would be like Zack Morris choosing Wendy Parks over Kelly Kapowski(only a few of you know what I'm talking about).

Anyway to just get to the point, I used to love the show. I thought the first season was sensational and even bought the DVD set for it, which I watched over and over.

Probably my favorite episode was "Busey and the Beach", with actor Gary Busey being a big part of it as you could've probably guessed. While Busey is awesome as always, there's a scene between Ari and rival agent Josh Weinstein that is in my opinion the best scene ever in the show. I was reminded about it tonight and figured I'd just throw it up here on the Thigh. NSFW language warning...

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