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What I'm Betting: Week 2

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 9/09/2009 10:18:00 PM | ,

It occurred to me that some people enjoy a good bet. It occurred to me, also, that I am no good at it. However, seeing as I have a forum now, I figured I'd spread some of my bad picks with the whole world. I'll keep track of how I do, and I'd love to hear from you guys.

I'll be using the normal unit setup, the more units, the surer I feel on the bet.

I have four picks this week.

4 Units

GT -5.5 over Clemson.

GT runs that blasted triple option that gave Ohio State fits last week when Navy ran it. If memory serves, Clemson never plays all that well in Atlanta either. In fact, Clemson sucks. To hell with Clemson. Go Cocks. I think GT wins this game by 10 easy, so I'm taking GT and running with them, much like GT will do all over Clemson...and Clemson's face.

Wake Forest - 3 over Stanford

I'm not sure why this line is so small. I understand Wake lost to Baylor last week, but come on now: Stanford is coming across the country to play an angry Wake team. Stanford's not a bad team, but I have to take Wake to rebound with a big win over a west coast team.

3 Units

UNC -4.5 over UConn

I normally don't touch the home underdogs, but UConn seems to be a bit beat up and barely beat Ohio last week. People are talking about UNC as if they're possibly a top 12 team. While I don't necessarily buy that, I think there's enough fire power here for a touchdown victory.

2 Units

The Fighting Cacks of South Carolina +7 over UGA

Yea yea yea...I have a couple of degrees from South Carolina. Yea yea yea, I hate everything about the state of Georgia. But these games generally turn out to be close contests. Georgia is short at WR, lost an OT this week, and is starting a QB who will be starting his first game against a SEC defense. While Georgia is going to be hungry for a season saving win, the spread seems to big to me. I could easily see this game being a 13-7 contest, and even with UGA taking the victory, the spread is too large here. Like Clapp says every night in downtown Denver, take the Cocks and call me in the morning.

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