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What I'm Betting: Week 4

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 9/25/2009 01:40:00 PM | ,

Ouch...took it on the chin last week with an 0-fer. That's alright, though, because I've learned my lesson about Georgia Tech. Florida was shocking and sucked my bankroll up pretty good.

But it's a new week, the Gamecocks won, and I'm prepped to take another beating.

4* - Penn State -9 over Iowa.

Classic revenge game and you have to imagine that Penn State is looking to quiet the critics and have a strong showing in one of their two statement games this year. I think Penn State is the better team and this line has moved in favor of Iowa, most places having Penn State at -10. I'll take Penn State here in a game that I feel they may win by 20 points.

4* - VT +3.5 over Miami

Miami is apparently pretty beat up, and I have trouble picking against a team that is generally considered the class of the ACC in Va Tech. And VT is at home? Gimme the Hokies. I suspect Miami is a bit overrated and should be exposed this week...but then, I thought GT would do the same to Miami...ugh.

3* - Arkansas +17.5 over Alabama

The number looks too big. Arkansas has a stud quarterback and has shown that they can move the ball on offense. I don't think there's the slightest chance that Arkansas wins this game, but I can't imagine Alabama scoring enough to cover the 17.5.

3* - Houston over Texas Tech - pick game

The Houston offense is something to behold, and I think Texas Tech gets a little too much love across the country after last year's team. With no points going the way of Texas Tech at home, you have to feel that Houston is the team here. If Houston starts to get points as the day goes on, jump on it.

Year so far

2-5 (-12 units)

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