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I'm a huge baseball fan that has spent way too much of my life playing or watching the game. Something I saw Tuesday night may have been the coolest/sickest/kickassest thing in a game(that didn't happen for my Cubs).

In the eighth inning of game four of the NLDS, Colorado Rockies rookie Dexter Fowler acrobatically jumped over Phillies All-Star second baseman Chase Utley, in a way that looked straight out of a football movie. Fowler avoided a tag from Utley, and caused an uncomfortable force out attempt for Utley and shortstop Jimmy Rollins, resulting in Fowler being safe at second on the play.

Fowler's hurdle was a huge play that would help the Rockies score three runs in the inning to take a 4-2 lead, and it appeared they were in great shape to force a game five in Philadelphia. However, Rockies closer Huston Street would allow three runs in the ninth inning, and the defending champion Phillies went on to win 5-4 and advance to the NLCS to face the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Anyway, here's the video(which could be taken down off YouTube at any moment, and if so, let me know)...

UPDATE(10/13/09, 5:00 PM ET):
So as expected, MLB keeps taking down the videos featuring TBS coverage of the play. I've already had up two different versions on here. Until another one pops up, here's a couple of lesser quality. The first one is a fan's video as they were sitting in right field...

If those didn't please you enough, check out the video of it on MLB.Com, as I can't post that on here.

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