Kelly Kapowski Dressed In A Giant UPS Box | Sharapova's Thigh

"Damn you Clapp!", you ladies or weird guys say. You thought you had your Halloween costume. Yeah, so it's not really a giant cardboard box, but it might as well be.

Tiffani Thiessen/Kelly Kapowski, you're better than this. We're not asking even for you to be in a Malibu Sands swimsuit(although it would be greatly appreciated). You can even wear your flower jeans with Eric Karros-like high hair, but please no more of this.

Zack's going to start dialing up some numbers on his giant cell phone and hit up The Attic in no time if you don't fix up your style soon. I'm even beginning to question that "Thigh of the Week" we handed you.

Anyway, here's more pictures because I know some of you would still love her if she were dressed in pig shit...

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