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Nonsense from Minnesota

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 10/06/2009 04:00:00 PM

Chip Caray and Ron Darling are doing what they claim to be broadcasting this afternoon during the Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers one game playoff. Statler and Waldorf then went into a discussion about Matt Tolbert and how he's a prototypical Twins player. The discussion then turned to the assertion that if a player doesn't play Twins baseball, they hit the road.

What they didn't let us know is exactly what Twins baseball consists of. So I looked through the statistics and came across these numbers - player (OPS)

Nick Punto (621)
Alexi Casilla (532)
Joe Crede (703)
Carlos Gomez (621)
Brendan Harris (671)
Matt Tolbert (607)
Orlando Cabrera (740)
Delmon Young (736)
Brian Buscher (676)

Of the 14 players to appear in at least 58 games for the twins, 9 have put up an OPS that is below league average. The only thing that I have learned from this exercise and the "prototypical" Chip Caray stupidity is that Minnesota baseball must be code for bad offensive baseball played by players that not even Minnesota would want if they had a higher payroll.

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