Brandon Jennings & Dexter McCluster: The Saturday Highlights You Need To See | Sharapova's Thigh

There was lots of great sports action on Saturday, but two athletes in particular stole the show for me at least. The athletes I refer to are Milwaukee Bucks rookie point guard Brandon Jennings and Ole Miss running back Dexter McCluster.

Jennings was all over sports news in the last year, due to his decision to skip college and get a year of quality professional basketball in Europe. People questioned the decision, but last night, Jennings gave everybody the face treatment. Dude set a Bucks rookie record by dropping 55 points on the Warriors. See the highlights for yourself:

And then there's McCluster. Yesterday against Tennessee, the 5'9" back ran for 282 yards and had 324 all-purpose yards, both Mississippi records. But it wasn't the numbers that really caught my attention, but how he looked doing it. Does this look like a Chris Johnson/Devin Hester hybrid to anybody else?

As Chicago Bears radio announcer Jeff Joniak would say, Dexter McCluster, you are RIDICULOUS. Or as Gus Johnson would say, he's got getting-away-from-the-cops speed.

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