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Derek Jeter: "It's been too long..."

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 11/06/2009 09:40:00 PM | ,

Go fuck yourself, Derek Jeter, and every Yankee fan who thinks that 9 years without a championship is unbearable.




In other news, was anyone else watching the Boise State/La Tech game tonight? I'm sick, so I happened to be watching it sober and saw Boise State go for (and convert) a two point conversion after going up 8 on the TD. Who does this? One point makes it a two possession game and Boise State goes for 2? I was so confused by the move, I actually checked the spread (-21) to see if we may have had a little Pete Rose action going on.

Of course, ESPN didn't say word one about the strange decision, instead stating that they were going for 2 to put Boise up 10 with 7 mins left in the game. As if being up 10 at the risk of only being up 8 is a good play as opposed to going up the (almost) guaranteed 9. Worldwide Leader, my nuts.

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