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Want some publicity? Create the world's strongest beer! That's what a Scottish brewery known as BrewDog just did :
The beer, which goes by the name Tactical Nuclear Penguin, has been made by a company called BrewDog in Fraserburgh, north-east Scotland. It has an alcohol content of 32%, roughly eight times the strength of normal beers and lagers, and will be sold at £30 a bottle, or £250 for an additional share in the company. BrewDog says its beer, an "imperial stout", is intended for connoisseurs. Only 500 330ml bottles have been produced, and it will only be sold online and at two off-licences in Edinburgh and London. "This is completely pushing the boundaries," said James Watt, the firm's co-founder.
Tactical Nuclear Penguin was named partly, he said, because the beer's record alcohol content came from freezing it in a local ice cream factory. That separated the water from the alcohol, concentrating the alcohol. It was then matured in former whisky casks for 18 months. The previous record-holder was a German beer, Schorschbraer, with an ABV of 31%, Watt added.

Understandably, BrewDog is being torn apart by many for creating this Tactical Nuclear Penguin. Drink much of this and you're going to be in rough, rough shape. I have to admit that I want at least a sip or two though...

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