The JaMarcus Russell Era Continues To Reach New Lows: Bruce Gradkowski Replaces Him As Raiders Starting QB | Sharapova's Thigh

Get used to sitting there, JaMarcus Russell.

When you were the league's #1 overall pick and signed a six-year, $68 million contract, you have to reach a supreme level of suckitude to be benched just two years later. JaMarcus Russell's done just that. Today, Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable decided he's had enough of the quarterback that's more inaccurate than Tim McCarver's baseball analysis, and announced that Bruce Gradkowski will be replacing Russell as the starter.

Russell threw just two touchdowns in 205 attempts, nine interceptions, and completed a pathetic 46.8% of his passes. Sure he had a horrible offense surrounding him, but when you continuously overthrow your receivers by 20 yards on 15-yard passes, there's no excuse.

People will say that the Raiders are going nowhere anytime soon as it is and should just keep playing Russell, hoping he finally figures it out. However it's a lot more than just getting game experience for him. His mechanics are very out of whack, he's not in good shape, and he needs to spend a ton of time in practice working to get much more touch on his throws. These are things that are hard to improve when you're just preparing for the upcoming games each week.

Gradkowski's certainly not anything special himself, as the 26-year-old has thrown for nine touchdowns, 15 interceptions, and has a passer rating of 58.7 in his career. But it's a lot more than the Raiders doing what is best for their team to win at this very moment. It's about giving JaMarcus a wake-up call. Being benched for Bruce freaking Gradowski should do that.

There's a lot of time for Russell to get better and become the quarterback most expected him to coming out of college, but right now he's a pure bust. And I wouldn't bet on that changing anytime soon.

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