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Regarding the Pats/Colts

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 11/16/2009 07:23:00 AM | , ,

I'm not going to write up anything too lengthy about the entire ordeal because, quite honestly, I think everyone knows what happened by now. But I've now heard two separate people attempt to defend the call (one stating it was a good call because they got the first down...which they didn't...and the other being Merrill Hoge who made up some nonsense about it being a brilliant call...which it wasn't) and so I just wanted to state here at our little corner of the internet:

Regardless of outcome, that would have been the wrong call in a high stakes game of Madden. It's very, very difficult for coaches to directly affect games on game day for good or bad, but last night Bill Belichick lost a football game. If you punt it deep and Manning takes you down the field, so be it. You cannot make coaching decisions out of fear of the other team going 80 yards in 90 seconds.

And listening to Belichick after the game, I'm fairly convinced that he was unaware it was 4th and 2.

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