"Go Team... And Underage Prostitutes!" | Sharapova's Thigh

You have to wonder if Patriots fans will continue to let Pat jump into the stands.

Rhode Island State Police said they’ve arrested 14 people for prostitution-related crimes since a new law went into effect that banned indoor prostitution, including a man who plays the New England Patriots’ mascot.

State police said Friday that since last month, they have arrested eight men, five women and one 17-year-old girl for prostitution or for procurement of sexual conduct for a fee.

Law enforcement sources told NBC 10 one of the johns who tried to pay for sex with a prostitute was 47-year-old Robert Sormanti of Warwick. He is one of several people who plays the Pat the Patriot mascot.
Link("Man Who Plays Patriots Mascot Arrested In Prostitution Sting"-TurnTo10.Com)

I've really got nothing to add. It's just... too easy.

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