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Thigh of the Week: Olivia Wilde

Posted by Matt Clapp | 6/30/2009 12:50:00 AM | , ,

Olivia Wilde

A "Thigh of the Week" award was long overdue for this 25-year-old American actress. Hell, even Megan Fox has a huge crush on her.

Olivia's real last name is Cockburn, but understandably she decided to get a new stage name. She's been in numerous television shows, notably The O.C., The Black Donnellys, and House. She's appeared in many films as well, such as The Girl Next Door and Alpha Dog.

Olivia gained a lot of recognition for being #1 on Maxim's 2009 "Hot 100" list. Could she be a Hot Ladies Tournament champion in 2010?

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Anna Kournikova Thigh Fives The 6/29/09 Links

Posted by Matt Clapp | 6/29/2009 04:40:00 PM |

Thigh Five From Anna Kournikova!

Okay, so I've been gone since Friday at Colorado Brewfest 2K9. That's why we've had no posts in way too long. We'll get back on track now. Meanwhile, enjoy these sweet links...

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I know soccer is a seldom discussed topic at the Thigh, and normally only takes the form of ogling WAGs. I couldn't resist though. The United States just stunned Spain 2-0 in the Confederations Cup semifinals!!

Spain had been riding a 35-match unbeaten streak (tied for the longest in FIFA's history), a 15-match winning streak (the longest in FIFA history), and were ranked #1 in the world. The last non-European side that Spain lost to was Argentina in 1999.

The US rode a first half goal from Jozy Altidore and 74th minute strike from Clint Dempsey. It was Dempsey's second straight game with a goal after going eight straight without tallying.

A couple of things are clear. Landon Donovan is amazing. He was all over the pitch playing great two-way soccer. He assisted on the second goal and was staunch defensively.

Second, Ricardo Clark might be the most important player for the US. He and Michael Bradley were formidable and organized in the midfield. One without the other has produced disastrous results for the US. After Clark was sent off in the first half against Italy the US spent the next 115 minutes trying to figure out what they were doing on the field.

Finally, Benny Feilhaber and Jay DeMerit have cemented themselves as starters for this squad. Feilhaber was used as a substitute the last two games, but in the future I expect to see Feilhaber starting in the midfield and starting Clint Dempsey in his normal striker role (Dempsey started in the midfield in the last two games with Charlie Davies getting the nod up top). DeMerit is finally comfortable playing next to Oguchi Onyewu as a center back. This gives the US the flexibility to play Carolos Bocanegra in the left back spot.

Speaking of Bocanegra, he was his regular steady self in returning from a several game layoff due to a bum leg.

Gimme a break though. This is probably one of the top five wins in United States soccer history. It wasn't in the World Cup, but it put the Yanks through to the final of a major international, non CONCACAF tournament for the first time EVER! (For the record I'll say #4 behind the Knockout Stage win over Mexico in the 2002 World Cup, the 2-1 victory over Columbia in the 1994 World Cup, and the 3-2 win over Portugal in the 2002 World Cup).

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Leeann Tweeden Thigh Fives The 6/24/ 09 Links

Posted by Matt Clapp | 6/24/2009 02:20:00 PM |

Thigh Five From Leeann Tweeden!

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I'm a Twitter addict these days as many of you know. Whether it's on my laptop or my phone, I'm checking it all the time. For a sports fan looking constantly for updates of what's going on in the sports world, it's absolutely awesome.

You also get to see some things you'd never get to see anywhere else, like what I saw Tuesday between two people I follow, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love, and ESPN basketball writer/reporter Ric Bucher.

Tuesday, it was reported by Bucher that the Timberwolves have agreed on a major trade with the Washington Wizards:
The Washington Wizards are close to a deal that would send the No. 5 pick in Thursday's draft, Oleksiy Pecherov, Etan Thomas and Darius Songaila to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Randy Foye and Mike Miller, a league source told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher on Tuesday.

Reports are that the Timberwolves are likely not done dealing either, and there's rumors that some more big moves could be on the way still. Well this has Love, a 20-year-old power forward that averaged 11.1 points and 9.1 rebounds per game in his rookie season, a tad nervous that he could be a part of a potential trade in the near future.

Love had this to say on Twitter last night:

Bucher saw that, and responded to Love:

And lastly, Love responded to Bucher:

Anyway, I thought this was pretty cool and a bit funny that a writer/reporter is basically telling an NBA player via Twitter that everything is going to be okay, and he can relax a bit in Minnesota(note: if they're just joking around, then I feel like an absolute idiot, but you'd think they'd go about it in a more obvious way).

I'd think it's quite unlikely Love will be dealt, as 6'10" 20 year olds that average double-doubles already, have a solid outside shooting game that can only improve, are sensational passers, and have a high basketball IQ, aren't too easy to find. If Love is indeed traded though, Bucher will certainly regret that "tweet".

You may have heard about another very interesting Twitter situation Love was involved in, just over a week ago. Here's what he had to say:

That was before any of us were aware of Kevin McHale being out as the Timberwolves head coach. Understandably, a player breaking news on Twitter about the dismissal of his head coach before it's been announced by the team, or even a reporter, created quite a stir.

These are just examples of the times we're in and the impact Twitter's having on the sports world. I'd recommend you follow along.

Link(Kevin Love's Twitter)

Link(Ric Bucher's Twitter)

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Does this make me heartless?

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 6/23/2009 07:02:00 PM | , , , ,

For a long time I've been pretty certain that I'm an asshole. That seems to be becoming more certain with every passing day.

Phil Mickelson surged at the U.S. Open on Sunday, eventually tied for the lead, then pissed the lead away over the last 4 holes.

Old Tits McGee has always been a fan favorite in the greater New York area. Over his career Phil has finished 2nd in the US Open a record setting 5 times. 4 of those times have been on Long Island: twice at Bethpage (2002 and 2009), Shinnecock Hills (2004) and Winged Foot (2006).

He's by all accounts a cool guy. He loves gambling and he loves Vegas. I met him twice at the PGA Tour Event hosted at the course where I grew up working (Castle Pines Golf Club, The International, the tournament where they counted up in points, not down according to par) and he seemed cool.

This year Phil was the odds on sentimental favorite. In May his wife Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Much has been made of Phil's struggles to cope with Amy's illness. He should be praised for even gritting out the performance that he managed at Bethpage. His mind was undoubtedly not all there.

All that being said I inexplicably found myself rooting against Phil coming down the stretch in the final round. Why you ask? Am I an asshole? Apparently. Don't I have the heart to pull for the guy? Um normally I thought yes.

Let me explain, from holes 6 through 11 Phil was spraying the ball all over the course. At the US open there is a premium placed on hitting fairways and greens. Phil was out there spraying right, left, long and short. Yet somehow he kept coming up with these unbelieveable breaks of good luck. A good lie here, a straight line to the hole between several trees, etc, etc. What would a normal person say? Yeah, duh, he deserves it. We after the break he got on 10 I couldn't bear it anymore.

He hit a crappy drive then hit his second shot 60 yards left of the green into what was allegedly some of the wickedest shit on the course. At that point Phil had to be thinking "I'm going to have to scramble for double bogey here." Well low and behold his ball comes to rest on a path used by Bethpage employees, not patrons, to access the hospitality tents. Not only a path, but a fantastic lie. Not just a fantastic lie, but sets up perfectly for Phil's left handed swing.

I'm not sure why, but that ridiculously good luck bugged me for some reason.

Does that type of luck sit poorly with anybody else? Oh, no, just me? Yeah, thought so.

All this rambling to say: (1) Best of luck Phil as you and your family go through this challenging time and (2) It's official, I'm an asshole. It's undeniable after the US Open.

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Ana Ivanovic Thigh Fives The 6/23/09 Links

Posted by Matt Clapp | 6/23/2009 03:00:00 PM | ,

Ana Ivanovic celebrates her 1st round victory today at Wimbledon by laying out in the sun and thigh-fiving these links!
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Best Buy's been my favorite store for years. I actually hate walking in there though because it's impossible for me to not buy something then. Awesome prices, they'll also match anybody's prices, and they pretty much always have what I'm looking for in regards to movies, video games, music, etc. However, I'm turning on them a bit these days, because of commercials of all things.

These "True Stories" commercials are cheesier than velveeta and douchier than Joe Buck. They pick some random employee, or people they're telling us are employees, and this employee tells some story that they think is hilarious and displays why Best Buy is so cool. They act like working at Best Buy is the greatest thing ever. It's sad really. And I won't buy for a second these stories are true, at least not completely. If they are, well, these nerds need to find some better times to create some more memorable moments in their lives.

It seems like everybody I talk to has the same reaction to these commercials. I just don't get it. Best Buy is the leading store in what they do and by a lot. They're putting all of these other companies out of business. Every Best Buy I go to during the holidays has lines to the very back of the store. It's like going to Disneyland and can take over an hour to get to the register. Go into a Circuit City for example, and it's not anywhere close to comparable. So why show these ridiculous commercials? All they're doing is pissing people like myself off, and I can't imagine it's helping business much(and again, was it a problem before?). How about just having a simple commercial saying for example, "Sale on all HDTV's this weekend and 20% of Blu-Ray discs and DVD's for Reward Zone members"?

I've considered writing about this in the past, and the most recent edition of the "True Stories" finally put me over the edge. Check it out for yourself:

LOLOLOLOLOL RACHEL! Hillllllllarious.

But seriously, this commercial is pure ass. What in the hell is some dude going to Wal-Mart for a product, and then calling another store to learn more about it? Rachel tells us the "well obviously we're knowledgeable" bullshit, when in fact she and the rest of her employees don't even have formal training in regards to these products they're selling.

Sharon Vakin, a woman that worked at Best Buy for two years, wrote this piece called "7 things electronics salespeople won't tell you" for CNET. She writes about how they have no formal training for these consumer electronics:

Upon transferring to the computer department from home theater, I expressed concern to the manager: "Will there be time for someone to train me on laptops/desktops? What do these specifications mean?" His reply was simple: "Just do your best. A good salesperson can just read the labels and compare specs." Ouch.

Salespeople are not necessarily experts in the products sold in their departments, even if they are expert salespeople. Though many express a strong interest in the products they sell, your time spent at a retail store fishing for information about a future TV purchase could be better spent online researching the products yourself.

Of course it's possible some of these people in fact are experts about televisions, but there's definitely no guarantee they know that much more than your average Wal-Mart electronics salesperson, aside from possibly being around these products more. So not only are Best Buy and Rachel lying to us, they decided to trash Wal-Mart in the process. Very nice of them. Super cool story though!

Then there's my favorite "True Stories" commerical that I had to toss in here. There's just so many things wrong with this, and you likely saw it many times a few months ago:

To start, you know this Power Jensen guy is camping out for the first screening of the new Transformers and will probably pop a pants tent when he sees Optimus Prime instead of Megan Fox on the big screen. He likes working at Best Buy(or he's acting like it) more than I would enjoy getting a lap dance(and hopefully more) from Rachel Bilson. And believe me, I'd do many unforgivable things to make that happen.

Secondly, somebody really had a Super Bowl party, banking on a television being installed by Best Buy on the day of the game, before the game starts? Not buying it.

Thirdly, you're telling me there's 35-40 people at the party that couldn't install this? What year is this? All you do is plug in a few freaking wires, it's not rocket science.

Anyway, these commercials better stop soon or I'm heading to Wal-Mart to buy my electronics. Take that Rachel Munoz.

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Cubs fans rejoice

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 6/22/2009 07:18:00 AM | ,

Kerry Wood's stat line on his return trip to the Friendly Confines:

2 appearances
1 1/3 innings pitched
4 hits
3 earned runs
1 walk
1 wild pitch
2 blown saves
1 loss

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