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Yes, We're Still Here.

Posted by Matt Clapp | 1/04/2010 10:38:00 AM

The few of you that come to the site might have noticed we haven't exactly had any posts in weeks. No, we're not giving up. I've just had no computer.

You see, for about the millionth time over the last five years, I had to take my laptop into the Geek Squad at Best Buy to be fixed. The screen and keyboard were pretty much separated. Yes, a few drunken nights likely caused this. Anyway, they couldn't fix this problem and had to send it into Dell.

About three weeks later, I've heard nothing about the status of the computer, and the Cubs fan in me says I still won't see it for awhile. Usually my Cubs sense of doom proves to be pretty accurate. But, I can promise you will be back and on a serious post binge as soon as possible. In fact, I'm going to start working on a post on this public computer right now. The problem with that of course is looking at 18-year-old bikini girls on a computer in public is a bit creepy...

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