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As you know, we like to keep up to date with what the former Thigh of the Week representatives are up to. Usually that means we'll just be posting more hot pictures of them that are featured in a magazine, or pictures the paparazzi gets of them running around in a bikini on the beach. This time though, I came across some news that really stunned me: Arianny Celeste is going to a high school dance with some 17-year-old dude. Additionally, it's taking place at Dakota Ridge High School, exactly 20 miles(thank you Google Maps) from where I'm currently located in Colorado.

Now as I'm sure you figured, this isn't a guy Arianny's actually dating. Here's what's going on:

Every high school senior dreams of taking a supermodel to prom, but few have the courage to even ask.

Dakota Ridge High School senior Conner Cordova went farther than asking, he posted three humiliating and desperate pleas on YouTube to get Maxim Magazine pinup girl Arianny Celeste to come to his prom.

Conner first saw his dream girl ring side at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events and saw an opportunity. The mixed martial arts fan got actual fighters to appear in his video requests. He got a new haircut and showed off some truly awful dance moves in the video.

After a few weeks, Arianny posted a video of her own offering to come for the Senior Dance, only if Conner could find a date for her friend.

He selected his buddy, Tyler, whose job for the night he describes as "less of a wingman, and more of a man-servant."
Link(Fox 31-KDVR)

That lucky son of a bitch. Anyway, that's pretty cool of Arianny to do. Few incredibly hot and famous women would do such a thing. And if they would, well ladies, I'm an expert at the shopping cart dance and would love to show it off for you. And Arianny, feel free to stop by Lone Tree, Colorado while you're in the area.

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