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I hate Lost

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 2/16/2010 06:23:00 PM | ,

There. I said it. It's a stupid, stupid show.

And I know that everyone loves to fall over themselves to get in line to jizz all over the forehead/chin of JJ Abrams...but it sucks. You know it to be true.

Can someone explain to me why people fawn over this show like it's the greatest thing to come on TV since those Kiana ESPN 2 exercise shows that used to (may still) come on?

I've seen precisely 7 episodes of Lost. In those seven, I've seen time travel, resurrection, some sort of smoke thing, multiple time lines, and completely meh characters.

"But Fly, you -have- to see all the episodes to understand the canon". Fuck you, pretentious Lost fan. If you write a show that is so nonsensical that I am required to sit down with each episode and pore over them like a theoretical physicist looking at...whatever it is they look at, then I'm not interested. Is there even such a thing as a Theoretical Physicist? I don't know.

How hard is it to write a show where there are no rules? And why should I care about said show? When someone dies in a TV episode, it's supposed to be a dramatic moment. With Lost, nothing stops them from killing off every character over and over and over again because, shit, they're just gonna be revived anyways.

And they show last week's episode before the new episode...but now, last week's episode has subtitles. That pisses me off to no end. It's as if on the screen, confusing event X is happening while the bottom of the screen is telling me why confusing event X is not so confusing by alluding to confusing event Y. Drop a H-Bomb into a hole? We should be dead...but instead, we're time traveling again!

Lost isn't brilliant. It's not even captivating. It's like 5 years of the Roseanne finale: constant retconning disguised as brilliant creativity.

And yes, Fringe sucks too.

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