Kristin Cavallari Accused Of Going Ayo For Yayo, Angrily Denies. The Drama! | Sharapova's Thigh

Kristin Cavallari, former Thigh of the Week and star of The Hills(Never watched, I promise. Okay, maybe once.), was trying to get her hands on cocaine like crazy at the Super Bowl according to Us Weekly :

The Hills star raised eyebrows for all the wrong reasons during Super Bowl weekend in Miami: "She was wasted the entire time," a source says in the new issue of Us Weekly. "She was going around to everyone, asking them to score her some coke."

They also added...

And Cavallari isn't just a wild girl on her days off: the erratic, gaunt star has become chronically tardy to Hills tapings -- when she shows up at all.

In a sad twist, her struggles may even become fodder on MTV's hit show. "Her drug problem finally became an unavoidable conversation topic on film," an insider says. "If MTV uses the footage, it will be clear to everyone."
That'll hurt your image! Kristin obviously realizes that, and quickly shot back at US Weekly via Twitter:

Get ur facts straight Us Weekly-ur article is complete BULLSHIT
Oh! You go girl!

Anyway, I'd be more surprised if any of the girls from The Hills weren't doing coke on a regular basis. It always amazes me when these stories surprise people.

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