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MillerCoors Hates Beer Pong

Posted by Matt Clapp | 2/18/2010 02:20:00 PM | , ,

MillerCoors is suing a beer pong equipment-making company, as the company's logo is apparently similar to the Miller Lite logo:

MillerCoors alleges Connecticut-based PB&J Design Inc.’s beer pong logo on its table and game kits could easily be confused with the Miller Lite logo.

The Chicago-based brewer also takes PB&J to task for pushing what it describes as irresponsible drinking.

“MillerCoors has taken steps to promote responsible drinking and has worked with the community and its local distributors to help the consuming public understand the importance of drinking responsibility,” the lawsuit states.
Link(Crain's Chicago Business)

Well boo fucking hoo, MillerCoors. I guess we're all supposed to sip on your beer like it's aged wine for crying out loud. Just more reason to make Budweiser our domestic beer of choice for beer pong around here.

And here's PB&J's site. They could use your support. Go buy some beer pong stuff and tell them the Thigh sent you.

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