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My one Super Bowl post

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 2/07/2010 10:32:00 AM | , , ,

So there's a game tonight. Looks to be a pretty good least on paper. If my luck holds, it'll be a 45-17 beating that won't be worth watching after the last two members of The Who leave the stadium.

As an aside, once either Roger Daltrey or Pete Townshend die, will the lone remaining member still perform as "The Who"? This bothers me every day.

Anyways. Let's talk about football. Mainly about how the Manning family is Teflon. They are the Charles Barkley of football. Granted, Peyton may be the greatest QB of my time-if not all time-but what about the rest of the crew? Eli Manning? I still contend he'd not have been drafted in the top 15 if his name weren't Manning. I think that one of the Giants front office types said something along the lines of "You can't pass on a Manning" when they made the trade lo those many years ago.

Eli Manning's career passer rating is 79.2. Context: Jake Delhomme's is 82.1. Now, Eli's won a Super Bowl, blah blah blah...and that's the argument you always get when you argue quarterbacks. "Wins are the most important thing". "How many Super Bowls did he win?" Yes, I am quoting myself. Sue me.

Best I can tell, Eli's career win-loss record as a starter is 46-37. I counted them up manually, so that may be off. My point is he has a winning record. And a Super Bowl. And the name "Manning". Eli apologists will hammer these points over and over again to show that he's a worthwhile QB...and maybe he is...but is he this great QB machine that we are all lead to believe the Mannings are?

Moving on...what about Archie? Good lord. He is spoken of with such reverence you would think he was the Terry Bradshaw of his era. Then you look at his stats.

Career QB Rating - 67.1
TD-INT Ratio - 125-173
Career Win Loss Record - 35-101-3 - the absolute worst winning percentage of any QB with 100 starts

Now, did Manning have a lot of help with the Saints? Doubt it. But does that make up for those numbers? Especially when you go back to that famous argument - "Does that QB win?" (imagine I'm doing a Colin Cowherd emphasis on win there).

No one in the mainstream media ever calls Archie Manning a sub-par QB. Ever. And yet, the numbers don't lie.

I heard a conversation the other day regarding who needed this Super Bowl win more: Favre or Peyton. I think it was on Colin Cowherd's show. He said that it was Favre because another Super Bowl win would overshadow all of Favre's shortcomings (pain pills, interceptions, general douchiness)...I don't buy it, but it kind of backs my point: people only really care about wins and losses when judging quarterbacks. Except for when they're judging Archie Manning.

Next time someone talks about the Mannings as the "First Family of QBs", just keep this in mind. Fly's orders. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Oh, Colts 31 Saints 21

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