Oddest Movie Rumor Ever: A 'Jaws' Remake In 3-D... Starring Tracy Morgan | Sharapova's Thigh

I love the movie Jaws, and I love Tracy Morgan. But I hate this rumor:

A source of ours over at Universal Pictures says the studio is strongly considering a remake of the summer blockbuster in hopes of dazzling younger audiences with new special effects. Their claim is that people now expect more, visually, from their movie going experience. So, Hollywood studios are inclined to take some of their tried and true franchise names like Jaws and bring them into the 3D world.

Our insider says Tracy Morgan was at one point being considered for the part of Matt Hooper, previously played by Richard Dreyfuss. While it’s uncertain whether that’s still the plan, it does indicate that they seem to be taking a more comedic direction with the part.

Link(Cinema Blend)

As the article mentions, the Avatar(still haven't seen it, don't plan on seeing it, and hate it more and more everyday) success has film companies thinking more fancy 3-D crap. Just please leave Jaws alone. And I hate the idea of having Tracy Morgan and comedy as as a part of it. There's just really nothing about this talk that I can like. Let's hope the rumor is bogus, which I'm assuming it is.

Regardless, this is still a better idea than the Karate Kid remake. I'd like to sweep the leg of Hollywood right about now.

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