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Blake Lively

Major screw-up by me... I had Blake Lively listed on our "Thigh of the Week" sidebar for months. However, the link took you to the Denise Milani page. After a thorough(five minutes in the site archives and on Google) search, no TOTW page is coming up for Lively. We've featured her much on the site, including in the 2009 Hot Ladies Tournament, so this really is odd. Anyway, even if we did it and it just disappeared, we of course needed to honor her again. So here we go...

Blake's a 22-year-old American actress best known for her role in the show Gossip Girl, alongside former Thigh of the Week Leighton Meester. Well, you could argue that she's best know in the babeosphere for her long legs. Really, I don't feel like writing much more about her because we've done it many times on the site before. You know her.

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