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Annoying Things That Are Less Annoying Than Super Bowl Week

Posted by Matt Clapp | 2/01/2010 06:30:00 PM | , ,

I'm an NFL nut, and still absolutely cannot stand the week leading up to the Super Bowl. I love the game(well, I enjoy the two Conference Championship games more), but Monday-Sunday afternoon is just so much unnecessary coverage over and over about one freaking game. Even as a diehard Bears fan, I couldn't stand it the coverage before they played the Colts in the Super Bowl back in January of 2007. Five minutes into the game, all this crap you've been hearing over and over on ESPN about what's going to happen in the game looks foolish.

Alright, I don't really feel like ranting about it anymore right now, but here's just a small list of annoying things that immediately come to mind as being less annoying than this week. Feel free to add your own in the comments...

Things Less Annoying Than Super Bowl Week

Valentine's Day/Week

Trying To Open Up An Xbox Controller Package

Stephen A. Smith

Skip Bayless

Joe Buck

Joe Morgan

Tim McCarver

Airplane Leg Room(Coach)

Beer Prices At Sporting Events

Jay Leno

Getting Ready To Make Macaroni And Cheese, Then Realizing You Don't Have Butter And Milk, Or Maybe Even The Macaroni And Cheese


Tim Tebow

Fox News

Fran Drescher

Herpes... So I've Heard

Bands "Growing Up"

That Girl At Karaoke That Thinks She's Really An Amazing Singer And Continues To Go Up To Sing All Night. Making Matters Worse, At Least Half The time It's To Do A Celine Dion Or LeAnn Rimes Song

90% Of The Musicians Nominated For Grammys

The 2 Hours After Eating Taco Bell

Realizing You're Out Of Toilet Paper In The 2 Hours After Eating Taco Bell


Jim Belushi

Carlos Mencia

Reality Television Shows

Reality Television "Stars"

The Pro Bowl

Brett Favre

Frank Caliendo

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