Warriors Coach Don Nelson Takes His Players To The Bar | Sharapova's Thigh

Shake it off Steph. Jager Bombs on me later.

We know professional athletes are out partying with regularity(and if you don't know this, wake up to reality), but it's a bit odd to hear about a coach taking their players out to the bar during the season. That's what Golden State Warriors coach Don Nelson did Thursday:

After the team’s noon practice, Nelson took rookie Stephen Curry, second-year shooting guard Anthony Morrow, D-League signee Anthony Tolliver and a couple coaches to Smitty’s -- a downtown Oakland bar -- for some quality time and shuffleboard.

“Actually, I was out of money and I needed some cash so I took the young guys out and shot a little shuffleboard with them in the afternoon,” Nelson said. “And took their money.”
Link(CSN Bay Area)

There's no drinking mentioned, but you don't play shuffleboard at the bar without a little boozing involved. Come on now!

Anyway, that's pretty cool stuff and definitely a way to get your players to like you. Nothing like a few gin and tonics to make them forget about riding the bench.

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