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Pirates latest to do something stupid

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 3/30/2010 03:24:00 PM | ,

Well, more stupid than actually attempting to play the 2010 baseball season. It appears that Pittsburgh is electing to hit the pitcher 8th this year. Nevermind the fact that this bit of LaRussian ingenuity does absolutely nothing to provide more offense, but the Pirates are electing to hit one Ronny Cedeno 9th.

Ronny Cedeno's career line:


Ronny Cedeno should hit eleventh. He certainly be part of any master plan to get more runners on base or to have two lead-off hitters or whatever nonsense it is that managers come up with when they elect to hit the pitcher 8th.

Of course, this post doesn't bother to delve into the insanity that is the fact that Ronny Cedeno is a starting shortstop on a Major league team, even if that team is the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Pirates to bat pitcher 8th (New York Times)

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