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Friend of the Thigh and new Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim television play-by-play announcer, Victor Rojas, is the founder of a new social network dedicated to sports fans called "Yakcy". The site launched last week and is sure to be a hit fast, especially with Rojas' mind behind it. Aside from getting the Angels' play-by-play gig, here's what Rojas has also done in the sports media world:

Rojas, most recently a television personality on MLB Network, has spent the last 9 years in the baseball broadcasting industry as a play-by-play announcer, analyst and television host. Prior to deciding on a broadcasting career, Rojas worked in marketing and communications in minor league baseball, Arena Football, National Hockey League and Performing Arts Center of Greater Miami. Rojas also has experience in the Internet market place, holding an executive position with GolfSpan.com (which is now part of GolfLink.com).

Now to summarize what Yakcy is.... it's simply a place to talk sports with other diehard sports fans, but with some very knowledgeable and entertaining ones at that. You click on a specific game/event listed on there, and interact with other fans about those games/events. Fans of social network sites like Facebook and Twitter should particularly enjoy it, and you can even use your Facebook or Twitter log-in information for the site.

So sign up, interact with some sports fans, and tell them the Thigh sent you.

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