Daily Video Thighlight: 10 Minutes Of Krystal Forscutt In Bikinis! | Sharapova's Thigh

Krystal Forscutt had a terrific run to the the championship game at the 2009 Thighnal Four, before being defeated by Keeley Hazell. While I think Keeley's got quite a thigh game herself, I feel Forscutt was the better player in this game.

What makes Forscutt's loss even more upsetting, is the fact that she recently retired from modeling. That means we won't be seeing many pictures of her half-naked anymore, unless the paparazzi is able to come through for us on occasion. Until then, we're going to just have to enjoy what she's shown us in the past. In this video over ten minutes long, we see what Krystal can bring to the table:

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