Daily Video Thighlight: Hakeem Olajuwon's 'NBA Superstars' | Sharapova's Thigh

If you're reading this, you should feel quite special, because what you're seeing is our very first "Daily Video Thighlight"! I can't promise it will be daily, just like our "Thigh of the Week" entries have been more like "Thigh of the Season" lately. But I'm trying to put more content on here, so I figured I could just put up random videos frequently. They can relate to anything we cover(read the banner at the top if you don't already know what that is).

The first random video I'm putting up is from the awesome NBA Superstars video, which myself and many other NBA fans owned in the 90s. I watched it -a lot-. The video has highlights and songs to represent some of the top players of the era(Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, etc.) It's pretty badass. And maybe the most badass player highlight reel on there is for Hakeem Olajuwon, thanks to some stuff in it that just makes me laugh for whatever reason, and because of the Kool Moe Dee music playing. Oh, and he was a pretty good basketball player as well. Anyway, check it out:

And PLEASE feel free to send in your video requests. I'm all about putting up any sort of random videos, well, videos that are suitable for work of course. Shoot me an e-mail at sharapovasthigh@gmail.com with your requests.

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