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Wait, What? Now 7-Eleven's Selling Video Games?

Posted by Matt Clapp | 4/19/2010 09:00:00 PM | , ,

Two hours ago, I wrote about 7-Eleven launching their own beer called "Game Day". That in itself was an interesting surprise to me, and then I randomly see this about them:

The mammoth retail company today that 3,000 of its 8,200 stores in North America now stock used video games in a new section called the "Gamers Factory," and around 100 new stores are planned to add the section every week through at least the end of the year.

7-Eleven began dabbling in the video game market at the end of 2008, with select locations partaking in the retail firestorms of games like God of War III and Madden 2010. Over the last year, more franchise owners have started stocking video games, and late last year the company began setting up shelf space for budget games at a few hundred stores.

The new expansion of video games includes used PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and PSP games at less than $20. 7-Eleven gets its product from used game company Game Trading Technologies.

Link(TG Daily)

So today we've learned of 7-Eleven selling their own cheap beer, and selling video games. Weird, wild stuff.

Add in that it's open 24 hours with food, drinks, cigarettes, condoms, and much more for sale, and you have pretty much everything people in their 20-somethings are looking for late at night. Well, they don't provide thigh, so I guess not everything.

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