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LenDale White is a 25-year-old running back with 24 rushing touchdowns in four NFL seasons. He was one of the best goal line backs in the league as a member of the Tennessee Titans.

However, his role greatly diminished in the last year with the breakthrough of superstar running back Chris Johnson. Additionally, he'd gotten a bit too overweight(hence the "LenWhale" nickname) to show the burst he once had.

Over the last two months, it appeared things were going to turn back around for White. During the NFL draft, the Titans traded him and defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson to the Seattle Seahawks for fourth and six round picks. The Seahawks are of course now coached by White's college(USC) coach, Pete Carroll, and Carroll knows what White's capable of, as well as how to use the running back more than anybody.

And White was starting to shed off the LenWhale moniker by shedding off a lot of weight. This was on April 30th:

"For me to come in here in shape, 225, just feeling good, I feel great, man," White said. "Best I've felt in my career. Last year, I felt good going into camp, but this is the greatest I've felt. I didn't have to work this offseason and get no weight off. It already was off, and I just had to condition it and keep it down."

"He looks great," Carroll said. "He's 218. I can't remember him ever being that light. I don't think he was that light when we recruited him way back when."

Link(Seattle Times)

So less than a month ago, White was in possibly the best shape of his career, and had the backing of the head coach. There was even talk of him starting for the Seahawks over running backs Justin Forsett and Julius Jones(and recently acquired Leon Washington, although he's currently recovering from a broken leg).

Therefore, it was a shock to see today that the Seahawks had decided to release White. Why? Seahawks General manager John Schneider had a quick explanation:

"It became apparent at this time that LenDale was not ready to be a member of the Seahawks."

Link(USA Today)

Given that White felt great about the shape he was in, and you would assume the position he's in; to play under his college coach and possibly start; it makes little sense.

Clearly, White needs a major attitude adjustment, but Carroll wasn't even going to give him until at least training camp to try and do so? It's quite odd, and I'd imagine we're going to learn some more details to clear this up a bit in the near future.

But you really have to wonder what this is going to do for his future in the NFL, if he even has one. If he couldn't make it work with Carroll, what team is going to be in a hurry to pick him up?

Of course, I'm sure we can count on a team like the Raiders to come through.

UPDATE- Of course right after I write that, this information comes out from Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network:

LenDale White likely facing 4-game drug suspension, according to sources. Reasons for his release beyond that.

Link(Jason LaCanfora's Twitter)

Well that would at least partly explain things.

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