Megan Fox Will Not Be In 'Transformers 3' | Sharapova's Thigh

After seeing the long and boring Transformers 2, it was going to be difficult to get me to sit through the upcoming Transformers 3. Then I see this news:

Entertainment Tonight has learned the 'Transformers' movie franchise is moving forward without Megan Fox.

Paramount Pictures confirms to ET that Fox's contract has not been picked up for the third installment of the series.

Link(ET Online)

Boo! If you're going to have a crappy movie(which I assume this will be), at least have some nice eye candy.

But this is hardly surprising at the same time. Michael Bay is the director of the Transformers films, and he and Fox have been at odds for a bit now. Fox even compared Bay to Hitler recently. Still, I thought her hotness and ability to drag in millions of horny teenage boys into the theaters could've saved her job.

There's no doubt they will bring in a new attractive female to provide at least a similar role to Fox's, but let's be honest- It's not going to be easy to top the 2008 Hot Ladies Tournament champion. And if it's acting that concerns you, these aren't the right movies for you to see anyway. It's all about the visuals, and Fox certainly was A+ in that category.

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