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911, I Have An Emergency- My Mom Stole My Beer!

Posted by Matt Clapp | 6/04/2010 03:25:00 PM | ,

I bring you a story that makes me laugh and shake my head at the same time. It's about something that occurred a week ago, but I don't really care...

32-year-old Charles Dennison called 911 repeatedly last Friday in Florida because his mother took away his beer.

Legitimate emergency? I'm going to have to say "NO" here. Incredibly hilarious and sad at the same time? Absolutely.

Eventually the cops showed up at Dennison's house, and his heavily intoxicated self told them how he was going to keep calling 911 until his mother was arrested. What a guy!

The cops did finally bring out the handcuffs, but for Mr. Dennison of course. Dennison would spend the next couple nights in jail for making false 911 calls, and bail was set at $150. Something tells me his family members didn't rush to pay that.

Thigh Five: TampaBay.Com

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