Before I Finish My Walk-off Home Run Trot, I Think I'll Fight The Other Team | Sharapova's Thigh

I watch baseball to an unhealthy degree, and I've never seen anything like what happened on Memorial Day between a couple of Minor League clubs.

Engel Beltre of the Bakersfield Blaze(Single-A affiliate of Texas Rangers), hit a walk-off homer in the tenth inning against the Visalia Rawhide(Single-A affiliate of Arizona Diamondbacks). And he was quite proud of it.

Beltre was so proud of it, that he taunted the Rawhide as he rounded the bases, which started a bench-clearing brawl before he even reached home plate. Beltre was motioning at the Rawhide players to come at him as he rounded third base, and they didn't hesitate to do so. His Blaze teammates then came out to protect him, and all hell broke loose.

Beltre finally touched home plate, and flipped off the Rawhide, 1 minute, 7 seconds later. I'm a bit surprised the umpires even let him get there.

Here's must-see video evidence:

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