'Curb' TV Guide Network Syndication Begins Tonight | Sharapova's Thigh

The best show on television(in my opinion at least), Curb Your Enthusiasm, will be showed for the first time on a non-HBO channel today. These won't be new episodes, but rather reruns of the last seven years of the series that will be shown on TV Guide Network.

It was up in the air whether or not Curb would ever be syndicated on cable television, due to the very explicit language and topics in general. As somebody that's seen the show hundreds of times, I'm really curious to see how TV Guide is going to handle it.

Diane Robina, the executive vice president of programming and marketing for TV Guide, had this to say about the editing of the show for basic cable:

We then took a fine-toothed comb to the episodes, determined to cut Curb in a way that would adhere to basic cable's standards and practices but retain the series' heart and soul. Take Susie Greene's character, for instance: She calls Larry all of the names in the book, but her lines are so effective because of the anger behind them—not necessarily because of the words themselves. When focus groups that saw the completed episodes didn't mention the cuts once, we knew we'd accomplished our goal.

So they're trying to sell us the tone of what's being said, rather than what's actually being said. But what's actually being said is what makes it so good, dammit!

We'll see how this goes, and we can do so beginning tonight at 10/9c. It can be seen every Wednesday and Thursday night at that time.

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