It's 'Megan Fox Bikini Week' In Hawaii(Pics) | Sharapova's Thigh

Megan Fox may not be in Transformers 3, but she sure as heck is in a bikini these days... a lot. Megan's been vacationing in Hawaii with her douchebag boyfriend, Brian Austin Green. I chose to not include any pictures with him(you're welcome) on their vacation.

Anyway, in these pictures, seven things really stick out to me:

1. She's wearing three different bikinis.

2. She must use 'Eight Minute Abs' every eight minutes.

3. She's really white.

4. She looks super thin, maybe too thin.

5. The tattoos keep coming, and are pretty weird.

6. She looks cranky. I would be too though if I spent that much time around Brian Austin Green.

7. I expected more out of her.

Here's the pictures:

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