Chris Johnson Tweets About Pulling A "Miami Heat" & Teaming Up With Adrian Peterson In Free Agent Year | Sharapova's Thigh

I was just checking my Twitter feed and noticed quite an interesting tweet from superstar Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson:

Link: Chris Johnson's Twitter

Yes, he's surely just having some fun, but interesting to think about nonetheless. Also, shouldn't he probably be, you know, not saying that? Especially after he just, you know, restructured his contract with the Titans.

But I suppose we'll consider this a possibility and look at it from a football perspective for a minute. Johnson and the Vikings' Peterson will be free agents in 2013. Johnson will be 27 years old when the 2013 season begins, while Peterson will be 28. So each have two+ seasons before they hit the running backs' dreaded age of 30.

The talk is that Johnson will likely work out a new deal with the Titans before he reaches free agency, so if that happens, Peterson would have to join him in Tennessee, which is not exactly the typical hot spot for superstar athletes.

And lastly, this would really screw things up for fantasy football if these are still the two best running backs in the league come 2013.

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