I Want: The "Field Of Dreams"(Price: $5.4 Million) | Sharapova's Thigh

Let me have this view, please(Photo Credit: Boston.Com).

Anybody feel like handing me $5.4 million so I can own the site from Field of Dreams? That's what it's selling for:

An estimated 1 million visitors have journeyed to the “Field of Dreams’’ movie site since the Academy Award-nominated film was released in 1989. But the owners of the farm, Don and Becky Lansing, say they have gone the distance, and now the fabled site is for sale.

“It’s like being a baseball player; when your time is up, it’s up,’’ says Don Lansing, 68.

But with a $5.4 million asking price, no one has stepped to the plate to ease their pain.

The Lansings have never charged admission or for parking. There is no commercial signage, no fences to keep people out. The field is as picture perfect as the day Shoeless Joe Jackson wandered out of the cornfield and wondered if he were in heaven. Fathers and sons play catch, old-timers wander in and out of the corn giggling like schoolboys, and middle-aged men run the bases, their pot bellies jiggling.


And is it just me, or does $5.4 million seem a bit "cheap" for a beautiful baseball field, on a farm, that has dead baseball legends playing on it? Even though it's located in Dyersville freaking Iowa, I feel like you could make that money back in no time. Charge admission and hold some awesome events there. People will most definitely come.

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