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Random Ebay Auctions - 1954 Indians World Series Apron

Posted by Roddick's Knee | 7/26/2010 08:45:00 PM | , ,

You remember Ebay, right? Who hasn't spent an evening perusing the latest bargains on the online auction site under categories such as "Exercise and Fitness", "DVDs and Movies", or "Mani/Pedi's" - I'm looking at you, A-Rod...

So time to empty your PayPal accounts and bid on our latest Ebay find:

Who could forget the 1954 Indians? After 111 regular season wins and their third American League Championship in franchise history, Cleveland advanced to the World Series to face the New York (baseball) Giants. Four games later, New York were kings of the baseball world, and Cleveland fans were left thankful that their star player, Larry Doby, didn't have an hour-long special on WKYC-TV declaring he would be taking his talents to Old Comiskey.

So place your bid, watch some Drew Carey reruns, and take home this piece of Indians history.

Note: Sharapova's Thigh is in no way affiliated with this Ebay auction

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