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Thigh of the Week: Nikkala Stott

Posted by Matt Clapp | 7/26/2010 03:25:00 PM | , , ,

Nikkala Stott

Finally, a Thigh of the "Week" from us. I promise we're going to do this weekly again, and yes, I'm sure I've said that with probably the last five of these we've done(which takes us back to like 1985). Anyway, yes, I promise. And by all means, send us your recommendations(!

Moving along, the latest woman we're honoring is Nikkala Stott. Basically all you need to know about Nikkala is that she's a superhot 27-year-old Page 3 supermodel from England. You also might care to know that there's many more revealing pictures of her out there that you can find with a simple Google search. You didn't hear that from me though.

Anyway, here's some more pictures of this tremendous thigh:

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