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This Jackass Loves Beer...

Posted by Matt Clapp | 7/12/2010 01:45:00 PM | , ,

And I'm not speaking about myself(in this instance at least), Johnny Knoxville, or any other human being for that matter. Instead, I'm actually referring to a donkey, and the donkey goes by the name of 'Donkey'.

Confused yet? Believe me, we all are. Let me use this excerpt to explain the story for you about this beer-drinking donkey owned by a guy named Jens Waldenmayer in Australia:

Known simply as 'Donkey' Mr Waldenmayer's pet is famous among residents of Spencer Road at Darwin River for his partiality for a Light Ice.

But don't serve it up to him in a red stubbie cooler - the colour makes him nervous.

Despite Donkey's generous beer belly, the thirsty ass was quick on his hooves when Mr Waldenmayer cracked open a coldie to demonstrate his pet's quirky habit to the Northern Territory News.

Donkey sprinted for the beer, sucking down most of the stubbie before pulling it out of his owner's hand.

"I think he is a real Territorian donkey. He loves his beer," Mr Waldenmayer said.

Donkey's beer drinking started about a year and a half ago after he wandered over to a neighbour's property to chew the grass with a couple horses.

Neighbour Vance Wolff went to give Donkey a pat, but the cheeky creature went for his beer. Mr Wolff gave Donkey a few sips and the habit stuck. Now Mr Waldenmayer gives Donkey a beer every second day.

Link(NT News)

Nice pet for the kids.

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