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The Three Most Annoying Things that Could Happen Tonight

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 7/08/2010 01:10:00 PM |

At least in regards to LeBron James. I mean, if I get a hemorrhoid or something, that's gonna be more annoying.

I won't be watching his decision tonight as I am not a NBA guy. I assume Clapp will, begrudgingly, as he's a Bulls fan. But there's no getting around its existence and I assume that I will find out what has happened one way or another.

Here's what I hope does not happen tonight:

1) He makes his decision high school player style. You know the type of announcement I'm talking about. Line up all the hats in front of you. Discuss the merits of each team. Then inevitably do something dramatic and cliche, such as put on a hat and then take it off or dramatically rip off the shirt to reveal a jersey. This stuff is annoying when High School kids do it...but they're High School kids! They hang out at WalMart and jack off to Cinemax. You cut them some slack. LeBron James is a world class professional athlete who has already made this entire process into one big pain in the ass, so let's not make it massively corny too.

2) He gives a press conference before his decision. Nevermind the fact that it'd be a load of nonsense, why put the fans through that much agony? He's certainly (I assume) going to talk up all the teams that he has considered only then to piss down the throats of all but one. It's bad enough that he knows, as we sit, which team he is going to and is electing to string them along until a primetime special. Don't then insult the intelligence of everyone who watches tonight by spending 30 minutes talking about how great the city of Cleveland is and then decide to go to Miami.

3) He signs a one year deal. Is it likely? I doubt it. But certainly it's possible, right? I mean, he could. And if he does that, then this entire pain in (ed. note: thanks Roxie. It's nice to have someone pointing out my faults ;))the ass process goes on again next year. He would truly be the new Brett Favre at that point. I can't deal with all of my favorite sports sites/networks/people discussing where Lebron will play for a second year in a row. On ESPN, right now, is an Outside the Lines featuring 6 people talking about Lebron while the bottom line has an entire Lebron section. This is out of control. This is worse than Yankees/Red Sox, Duke/UNC, and Daytona 500 coverage combined. The only thing more annoying is the aforementioned Brett Favre nonsense...and I guarantee you Favre is really, really pissed that he is no getting his customary full media attention. Normally I'd be absolutely thrilled to get a Favre break. LeBron has actually figured out a way for me to be annoyed by it.

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