Drunk On The Reg, Yachts On The Reg... K-Swiss On The Reg? (Kenny Powers K-Swiss Videos) | Sharapova's Thigh

The second season of HBO's hilarious series Eastbound & Down debuts on September 26th, but you can already get a glimpse at what Kenny Powers is up to these days, thanks to K-Swiss. Yes, I said K-Swiss.

K-Swiss never exactly screamed "Kenny Powers"(cocaine, steroids, weed, heavy drinking, boobs, constant explicit language, etc.) to me, but they are teaming up for a video advertisement campaign for new K-Swiss shoes, and to promote the upcoming Eastbound & Down season. So now he has K-Swiss shoes to go along with his "arm like a damn rocket, and cock of a burmese python." Interesting, and unexpected trio we've got there now with the K-Swiss inclusion.

But yeah, here's video evidence of these advertisements, in which you'll also see athletes such as Patrick Willis and Jeremy Shockey. Enjoy:

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