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Jay Cutler's apparently getting some of that.

There's a rumor going around today that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is dating Thigh of the Week alum, Kristin Cavallari. Even if they're not officially "dating", they were reportedly seen making out like crazy at a club in Chicago last night:

Sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Kristin Cavallari and Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler were all over each other, ‘kissing and acting all in love’ last night at the Angels and Kings lounge in Chicago.

I'm a Jay Cutler fan, as I'm a diehard Chicago Bears fan. Additionally, I'm a Kristin Cavallari fan, as I'm a diehard fan of hot women. Having said that, their personalities and attitudes would seem to match quite well, and I don't mean that in a good way.

Anyway, nice catch, Jay. Now if only we could get your wide receivers to do the same thing.

(Please keep your "Kristin Cavallari intercepted Jay Cutler" jokes to a minimum, please. Thanks. Go Bears.)

Update: Sean Jensen, a Bears beat writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, asked Cutler today about the Cavallari rumors:

"I find it funny," Cutler told me. "That stuff, you just have to laugh about. I had dinner with her, and that was pretty much about it."

Cutler said he expects to draw that sort of attention.

"It's a sports town," he said. "It really is, and they love their football so it comes with it."

Link(Chicago Sun-Times)

Come on, Jay. No guy has a friendly dinner with Kristin Cavallari.

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