Jenny McCarthy Doesn't Wear Much Clothing To Johnny Drama's Birthday Party | Sharapova's Thigh

Back in the 90s, Jenny McCarthy was one of the top contenders in the babeosphere, thanks to her Singled Out and Playboy fame, and of course, her hooters. Since, well, she's obviously gotten older, and naturally her babeosphere status has gone down quite a bit.

But Jenny's trying to show us that she can still be a factor in our current babeosphere, as evidenced by her appearance this past weekend at a Vegas birthday for Kevin Dillon's(Johnny "Drama" Chase). The party was held The Palms' Playboy Club(hence Jenny's appearance I would assume), and Drama was given a key to the club as a birthday gift.


You liking how she looks? I'm not a big fan of her gothic and clowny make-up, but certainly that wasn't the first thing my eyes went to.

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