Jose Canpsycho Is At It Again On Twitter | Sharapova's Thigh

If you've followed us much this year, you've likely seen our posts about Jose Canseco, and the crazy things he spews on his Twitter account. It's extremely entertaining stuff, if you can handle the extreme vulgarity, and the ridiculousness of it all.

Early this morning, somebody clearly pissed Canseco off. Here's what the former baseball star had to say for his 350,000+ followers:
U son of a bitch u no who u r.u fuck with me and try to say those chandeliers and my other belongings in that house r urs some one will kill

I hate liars you should all be killed fuck with me and find out.I no where u live u scum bag.try to take the little I have left will kill

I have peole who want you dead for what you did

Try me u scumbag cockroach will make u and ur family suffer

I am sick and tired of our system allowing liars and hypocrits to thrive and succeed when honest good people suffer

Try to take what's mine when I come get it and I will crush you

You steel the little things I have left and you will face me

What a charming fellow.

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