Nike 10S Signature Model- Giant Tennis Ball Shoe Solely Intended For Autographs | Sharapova's Thigh

You know those giant tennis balls people buy at tennis matches to get signed(if you don't just click here to see)? Well, Nike's launched a shoe intended for the same purpose: the Nike 10S Signature Model.

As the description of the Nike 10s Signature model rom the "Nike Tennis" Facebook page says, they sell as a single shoe in size-15:

Put away that oversized tennis ball! We've got a new way for you to collect your favorite players' autographs: the Nike 10S Signature Model! This Nike-exclusive keepsake is a truly unique canvas to collect and display your autograph collection! The 10S sells as a single shoe with a felt tip pen and comes in a men's size 15, so you'll never run out of room for signatures. Available at NIKETOWN New York, onsite at the tournament, and at our partner retailers: Mason's Tennis Mart and NYC Racquet Sports..
I have no idea how much these cost, but I'm going to guess they cost more than an autograph from a tennis player is worth. That is unless they're signed by Maria Sharapova, of course.

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