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Here we are with our second(and my first as Roddick's Knee took the last one) installment of our "Random Ebay Auctions" series, where we look at, well, completely random auctions on Ebay. They can be legitimately cool items, bizarre items, giant rip-offs, something that's laughably horrible... really anything.

Today we examine this item, as suggested by our buddy Chris Richardson of IntentionalFoul.Com:

"Tim Tebow EA Sports Nike Trainer 1.2 Mid Shoe-Size 11".

Here's the item description:

Brand new-Never worn or tried on.Still in box,comes with 1 orange and 1 green lace. The back of the right shoe it has dates of Tebow heisman year,National champ years and i think All-American years. The left shoe has the promise and the date he gave it (september 27th 2008) after we lost to Ole Miss. The promise is written in side of the left shoe on the sole.The strap at the bottom of the laces has NCAA in green and the # 11 in white.
And the starting price: $850(Can buy now for $1,099.00)

To make sure you understand, these are a special Tim Tebow model shoe designed by Nike and EA Sports, not a game-worn shoe by Tebow. Tebow is of course on the cover of the video game NCAA 11, which is made by EA Sports, so that's likely why they collaborated with Nike to design these shoes.

Be reminded of "The Promise" and important dates of the holy one.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, who on earth would pay such a price for shoes honoring such a giant douchebag? Well, Tebow, currently a rookie for the Denver(where I live; I hope he's not my neighbor) Broncos, is already leading the NFL in jersey sales. So it's clear(and so sad) that people will pay a lot of money to sport some attire honoring the former Gator star(you could do the same thing at a much lower price with some jorts and Crocs).

You could be stepping into Tebow's heart-warming, motivational quotes for approximately just $1,000.

Additionally, many people out there would legitimately feel as if they'd be walking in the footsteps of Christ, so $850-$1,099 wouldn't be a very high price to pay for these shoes.

Anyway, if you would like to see more about the shoes, or bid on them yourself, here's the link to the which ends in about five days:

Link To Auction

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