Twitter Trash Talk: Cardinals' Darnell Dockett Responds To Brian Westbrook Signing With 49ers | Sharapova's Thigh

Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett is a hell of a football player, and one crazy dude. It's shocking to me that his Twitter account hasn't gotten more talk, and that the league hasn't stepped in about it yet. And I sure as hell hope they don't.

His latest tweet to catch my eye is in regards to his NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers signing(just happened in like the last hour) veteran running back Brian Westbrook:

Ahhhhh hell naw Brian westbrook one of my best friends !! This is BS! Oh well I hope he know its not personal! but fuck it! #MNF #HITSTICK

That's a day after he responds to the announcement that 49ers running back(well, now former 49ers running back) Glen Coffee was retiring at the age of 23(and fittingly enough, this is whose spot Westbrook is taking on the roster):

Dear: Glen Coffee, don't retire just yet! just wait till after the MNF game then you will have a legit reason to retire!#EVL

Oh the drama of the NFC West! I'm so glad football's back.

Link(Darnell Dockett's Twitter Account)
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