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At every major sporting event you attend, you're surely going to find a fair amount of drunken douchebags there. During the Novak Djokovic-Philipp Petzschner match at the US Open in New York last night, we saw a prime example of one of these guys, and he was in top douchebaggery form to say the least.

The douchebag was furious about something in the upper deck, and wouldn't stop yapping and dropping f-bombs at a woman. His antics ultimately led to her father, then her, and then other people in attendance trying to kick his ass.

After seeing the video of the incident, I wanted to do the same thing to this guy. See this crazy fighting action in the US Open crowd for yourself:

As for what happened to the main three people involved in this fight, the New York Times provided some information for us:

All three people were handcuffed and brought to the 110th Precinct in Queens, said Tim Curry, a spokesman for the United States Tennis Association.

Ultimately, none of the fans was arrested. Instead, they were given trespass warnings and told not to return to the Open for a certain amount of time, though the authorities could not immediately say how long.

It really pisses me off that Mr. Jersey Shore was not arrested, but I'm sure enough people will see the video and let him know how pathetic he looks, so at least there's that.

The fight actually caused the tennis match to be delayed for a bit, but the third-seeded Djokovic would go on to win 7-5, 6-3, 7-6 (6).

H/T: New York Times; Ben York(for making me aware of this)

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