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Video: Lion Attack At MGM Grand Las Vegas

Posted by Matt Clapp | 9/07/2010 07:50:00 PM | , ,

Two months ago, I checked out the lion exhibit at the MGM Grand casino/hotel in Las Vegas. It's one of the most popular free exhibits to see in Sin City. I mean, it's two actual lions playing around in front of you, right in the middle of a casino. Pretty cool stuff.

However, what you also notice in the exhibit are a couple of trainers just hanging out in there with the lions. I even saw one of them laying down and practically cuddling with a lion like it was a Golden Retriever puppy.

I know these guys are trained to work with lions, and the lions are also tamed and trained themselves, but I still thought to myself, "These guys are out of their minds." There's no amount of money you could give to me that would get me to do that job. These are the "Kings of the Jungle" after all. You never know when they could snap and, you know, act like the wild animals they are.

Like this!-

Crazy stuff, and obviously it could've been much, much worse. Thankfully, the trainer that was attacked only needed stitches in his leg. Something tells me that he didn't rush back to his job after that.

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